who is he?

Howard Kingsnorth 

In the competitive world of photography, few names have endured. Howard Kingsnorth is one of those photographers.
He’ll admit it’s not by talent alone. Howard’s craft has changed dramatically over the last 30 years and survival has meant embracing new technologies and rolling with the ever-changing times.
Indeed, Howard is constantly developing – perfecting his talent and adding to his skills. Probably why he has worked with some of the best agencies creating unforgettable images for the many of the most famous brands.


Howard graduated in Photography at the Manchester School of Art in the 70s but was soon drawn to the bright lights and industry opportunities of London, at the age of 21.

Schooled in analogue technique and darkroom tradition, he cut his teeth working as an assistant for established photographers. Proving himself as a ‘smudger’ in his own right, he established his first studio in Shoreditch bringing with him an impressive array of clients.

It was a demanding time in advertising, with photographers generally expected to cover multiple genres. Howard was no exception and spent his early years locked in his studio producing classic still life images on 10” x 8” film for major drinks, automotive and tobacco brands – work which had the very best creative minds focused on producing award-winning ads.

The darkroom wasn’t Kingsnorth’s only realm of influence. His work for car and truck brands took him out of the studio to extreme locations transporting bulky, large format cameras – often after days of scouting for the most inspiring spots. Lonely mountain roads, forest tracks and windswept deserts were just some of the terrain he covered to find that perfect shot.

London in the 80s and 90s was the place to be as a photographer working in advertising. It was a hotbed of creativity and 24-hour labs for analogue film processing meant that the work, and fun, carried on way into the night.

The prize was exposure, not in art galleries, but on the galleries of the street with 48-sheet and 96-sheet posters showing off the finest advertising images throughout the country and beyond.

As the millennium approached so did a sea change in technology, with the advent of digital photography. Howard immediately embraced this medium as it essentially took the ‘dark arts’ of analogue image capture and placed them on the desktop in the form of a digital darkroom.

Essentially the rules were the same: research, camera position, choice of lenses, craft, technique, experience and some luck – all the ingredients necessary for great image making, minus the time lag. Another big plus was being able apply one’s own vision to the images, utilising the all the skills and experience acquired over the years that evolved from the darkroom.


It was along this journey of creativity that Howard recently met new clients that have commissioned him to create a series of aerial cityscapes after seeing one of his personal images.

This became a long-running campaign featuring posters of his work around the globe. The result of which has been a deluge of requests for copies of these images to adorn the walls of businesses and homes. Some of these images are available to purchase here, alongside a small selection of landscapes and urban scenes. They are limited editions and all are certified.


They are not the culmination of Howard’s talent, as he continues to produce powerful advertising images, but some of the work he is most proud of. He hopes you find them as moving and inspiring as he does.


 Member of the AOP

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